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Saturday, January 30, 2010

HERO HONDA KARIZMA ZMR 250cc pictures,review,price,mileage

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Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Do you know, what puzzles every stock broker and giving the competitors sleepless nights?. It is Hero Honda’s sales numbers. Yes, even for an experienced analyst, its difficult to crack the reason behind the success of Hero Honda. Why splendors and passion’s are still selling well?. If any of you send us the reason, we would give the ZMR for sure.
But don’t think Hero Honda is just selling 100cc bikes. Hero Honda has tripled its sales in the premium segment (150cc+).After KarizmaAchieverCBZ X-treme and Hunk,now comes the “fifth” model – Karizma ZMR FI. The fuel Injected Karizma is easily the most awaited bike in indian two wheeler market.
Let us drive through the Karizma ZMR and find out whether its worth the wait.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR review :

It’s not a sticker job, but a complete makeover. Karizma has always been known as a bike with cool design. The Karizma ZMR takes this forward. The bikini fairing is gone and the full fairing is here. The distinctly shaped headlamps with twin position(pilot) lamps reminds me of Suzuki’s GSR series. The sporty visor with tinted wind screen houses the digital cockpit which will see in detail in later slides.
The choice of gold colored engine,front forks, iGRS and red spring is a subject of debate. Come rear, X-treme-ish tail section sports diamond shaped 3 layered LED. But its not that sexy as in X-treme. Absence of body coloured grab rail might be the difference. The paint quality is top notch and many would praise the body graphics and decals. Karizma ZMR looks electric in Ducatish white.

You can’t see but feel! under the fairing many things have changed. Now you have 6-sensors working overtime to ensure your ride is a pleasure one. The 223cc, PGM-FI, oil cooled mill uses throttle position sensor, bank angle sensor,crank position sensor, oxygen sensor,manifold absolute pressure sensor and intake air temperature sensor.
It seems like i’m going through combustion engineering during my graduation. The 16 bit ECU processor also uses Idle air control valve and Honda Evolutional Catalyzing System (HECS) for better idling characteristics and lower emissions. But all these have pumped up engine power by a meagre 0.6bhp to 17.6bhp at 7000rpm and unchanged 18.35Nm of peak torque. A five speed transmission and anti judder clutch to get the juice out of this mill. Not so excited! remember don’t judge the bikes by spec.
Though there’s not discernible difference in the outright performance, its very much on the response side. Its refined and the acceleration is steady and smooth. Hero Honda claims the Karizma ZMR can hit 60kmph from standstill in 3.7 seconds. Though we couldn’t test the figure, we felt its much quicker than the carburreted one.
We hit a top whack of 119kmph andfelt it has more to extract. The fuel efficiency / mileage would be higher though not as shown by erratic mileage indicator. You can sense the heat, when you ride ZMR hard but it won’t burn your thighs.

sports telescopic forks at the front and the rear gets inverted Gas Reservoir System. The GRS first introduced in Hunk made remarkable changes in the ride character of the bike. Same is the case here as well, even on potholed bad roads ZMR offers superior ride quality.No matter you are rider or a pillion, it offers supreme comfort.
Next time you head for touring you don’t have worry about your spine. Thankfully, Hero Honda retains the ergonomics of karizma. Adding the split handle bar sets you more comfortable. Its nimble but don’t try to attack the corners.The vibes does creep in when the engine is revved around 6000rpm but it don’t make you nervous. The cowl mounted rear view mirrors is large and shows a clear view. But it developed issues during the testing. The outgrown handlebar weights seems like an after fitments.

The digital cockpit welcomes you with a message “welcome aboard karthi ” and sign off “Bye, c u soon”. You have to toggle between the two buttons mounted on top of the speedo to switch between the modes. The panoramic large display gives you everything you need but not in hot sun. Real time mileage indicator, 2 trip meter and digital bar tachometer,digital fuel level indicator, digital clock and digital bar tachometer should be more than enough for any mathematician to analyse data.
Karizma ZMR is available in five colours – panther black, sports red, vibrant blue,moon yellow and pearl white. It is priced Rs91,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) right between thePulsar 220cc and R15.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR comes with all the right ingredients a performance enthusiast would look at. The ergonomics is good, the engine is responsive and it rides well too. The styling has improved phenomenally and its no way to inferior to any bike in terms of hi-tech features. But nothing comes at ease. Hero Honda has increased the sticker price by Rs20,000 (approximately).
What’s more interesting is Hero Honda is going to sell the Karizma ZMR along with the older one. This means Hero Honda has to find new customers for ZMR instead of graduating hardcore Karizma fans. You and i may criticize the strategy but Hero Honda might once again prove us wrong. That’s why stands “above all” even in midst of recession.


  1. is it released in Coimbatore or when will it release

  2. When it was launched in India,it has became a style icon of Indian bike segment and its pretty famous among youth who just love this beauitful machine.Now its ZMR variant looks more glamorous and powerful.